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Houston Website Designer and Client Work Together


Website design is a process where the website designer and client work together to obtain a website that reflects the company's identity and objectives, whether it is to promote a product/service or offer information.


Free Initial Consultation


In the first FREE consultation, Mdb Designs will determine your company's needs and expectations. Here, we will discuss how many pages you would like in your site, what color scheme and possible logos and images you may wish to use, and what type of information should be included in your site. The designer requests the client to give the names of two websites that they like and two sites that they do not like. This way the designer can better address what you would like to see in your website. During this consultation we will also discuss setting up your domain and website host.


Sample Interfaces


At this point, one or two sample interfaces are created for you to view. Here you may suggest changes to the interface(s) to obtain one that you are satisfied with.


Completed Website


Once we have gathered the information that will be included in the site, the actual website pages are built and placed on the server. You will be able to see the site and at this time we can discuss any other minor changes.